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General State Comptroller


The General Comptroller of the State Administration (IGAE) is the internal supervisory agency of the state public sector, and the direction and management centre for public accounts.

As a supervisory agency, the IGAE is responsible for verifying, through previous monitoring of legality, continuous financial control, public audits, and financial control of subsidies that the state public sector's economic and financial activity complies with the principles of legality, economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

As a centre for the management of public accounts, it is responsible for providing reliable, complete, professional and independent accounting information about public management. In this regard, it is responsible for drafting the public sector’s financial accounts according to the methodology of the European System of National Accounts, the most specific result of which is the determination of the public deficit, which is essential to the nation’s economic life. It calculates the deficit for both the General Government and each of its sub-sectors.

Through these pages, you can access different publications, statistics and reports drafted by the IGAE, which are a reflection of the aforementioned functions. You can also access the current regulations in the field of economic and financial auditing and public accounting, either directly or through the IGAE's databases.