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Reporting of information on fraud or irregularities involving European funds

If you wish to bring to the attention of the National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service (SNCA) facts that may constitute fraud or irregularities in projects or operations financed by European funds, you can use the INFOFRAUD channel.

Infofraude Channel: FORM
Analysis of the information received
  • The NACS will analyse the information it receives in order to determine how it should be treated, performing any necessary verifications and actions.

  • No obstante, no se dará curso a la información recibida cuando la misma estuviera manifiestamente infundada o cuando la escasez de la información remitida, la descripción excesivamente genérica e inconcreta de los hechos o la falta de elementos de prueba suministrados no permitan al SNCA realizar una verificación razonable de la información recibida y una determinación mínima del tratamiento que deba darse a los hechos comunicados, además de en el resto de supuestos contemplados en la Comunicación 1/2017, de 6 de abril y Anexo a la Comunicación 1/2017.

Guarantee of confidentiality
  • Except when the person reporting the information expressly requests otherwise, the National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service will maintain total confidentiality with regard to their identity, such that it will not be revealed to anyone.

  • To that end, in all communications, verification activities, or requests for documentation carried out by the National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service, the details regarding the identity of the person who reported the information will be omitted, as will any other data that could be used partially or in full to identify them.

  • Likewise, when the National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service has to transfer the proceedings to other bodies so that they can process the corresponding procedures, the provisions of the previous paragraph shall apply to the documentation that is sent to these other bodies, except in the case of jurisdictional bodies or the Public Prosecutor's Office, or if the regulations governing the judicial procedure require otherwise. In the latter case, the identity of the informant shall be communicated only to the persons or bodies for whom it is essential.

  • Lastly, and to the extent that the rules regulating the corresponding procedure allow, it will be the National Anti-Fraud Coordination Service itself that carries out the necessary procedures before the body to which the actions were transferred so the proceedings may continue, so that, as applicable, the communication between said body and the person who sent information to the Service will be carried out through the Service, so as to guarantee the confidentiality of the person's identity.

interested party
  • Sending information through this communication channel does not grant the informant the status of interested party in the administrative actions that may result from the information provided, nor does it give them the right to be informed of their results, nor grounds to file appeals or claims related to the results of said actions.

If you wish to inform the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), you can use the following link: https://fns.olaf.europa.eu/main_es.htm o a la Fiscalía Europea (EPPO) a través del enlace https://www.eppo.europa.eu/es/form/eppo-report-a-crime