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Statistical Revision 2024

Following the introduction of an updated methodological framework for the national accounts in 2014 (ESA 2010), a major revision, Statistical Revision 2019, took place in 2019. Such revisions are carried out every five years. Thus, in 2024 a major revision, coordinated at European level, of the information provided by the national accounts will take place.

This revision of the national accounts is being carried out in Spain, in a coordinated manner, by the institutions responsible for the statistical operations affected, the National Statistics Institute and the Bank of Spain; as well as by the General Intervention Board of the State Administration (IGAE), to whom article 125.2g) of the General Budgetary Law attributes the competence to compile the national accounts of the units that make up the general government sector, in accordance with the criteria for institutional delimitation and imputation of operations established in the European System of National and Regional Accounts.

The results of the Statistical Revision 2024 of the data series relating to the general government sector shall be published from September onwards in accordance with the timing of IGAE statistical release.



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