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Permanent financial control and public audits

Every year, the General Comptroller of the State Administration carries out permanent financial control work and public audits of the state public sector, based on a risk analysis approach.

The network of auditors is comprised of teams that are integrated into the central services of the General Comptroller of the State Administration through the National Audit Office, the General Comptroller of Social Security and the General Comptroller of Defence, as well as teams that are notable for their decentralised structure in ministries, management agencies and those public entities where there is a delegate comptroller, as well as regional and territorial comptroller offices that are located throughout Spain.

In some centres, agencies and entities this work involves reviewing the operation of the information and communication technology systems that support economic and financial information. For this purpose, we have specialised professionals who work in the Information Technology Audit Service of the Budgetary Information Technology Office, who are integrated in a multi-disciplinary fashion into the audit teams’ work, performing security audit services, data tests and/or compliance audits, and more, in accordance with established objectives.

Through this channel you can access the resolutions, instructions, rules, and technical notes published by the General Comptroller of the State Administration in this field, as well as the accounting audit reports newsletter.